Thursday, March 19, 2009


Jane Humphreys

Jane Elizabeth HumphreysSt Andrew's-by-the-Lake, Turkey Point, Ontario
The Ven. Jane Humphreys, Rector of St. Mary's (Walkerville), Windsor and Archdeacon of Essex is a candidate for Bishop of Norfolk in the election to be held Saturday, March 28.

She has been Rector of St Mary's since Sept. 2007 and Archdeacon of Essex since Jan. 2008.   Her previous parish appointments were:

Rector, 2002-2007, St Luke's (Broughdale), London
Vicar, 2000-2002, St Paul's Cathedral, London, Ontario
Associate Priest, 1996-2000, Parish of Long Point Bay (St John's, Port Rowan; St William's, St Willliam's; Port Ryerse Memorial, Simcoe; St Andrews-by-the-Lake, Turkey Point; St John's, Woodhouse)
Assistant Curate, 1991-1994, St. Luke's, Burlington, Ontario