Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Christ Church, Huntingford, Ontario

Christ Church, Huntingford, OntarioThe Rev. Victor Krueger-Kischak will be inducted as rector of Christ Church, Huntingford (shown right) and Church of the Good Shepherd, Woodstock on Sunday February 3 at 4 pm at Church of the Good Shepherd. Canon Bob Schroeder will be the preacher with Archdeacon Jim Sutton inducting Victor on behalf of the bishop. All are welcome with a reception to follow.

Rev. Krueger-Kischak was appointed rector effective December 15, 2007. He was previously an Assistant Curate at East London Anglican Ministries.

The previous rector Rev. Eleanor Caruana left in June 2007 to assume the new position with the Diocese of Huron as Gift Planning, Stewardship and Synod Consultant.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Christ Church, London, Ontario

Christ Church, London, OntarioThe Christ Church was erected and consecrated in 1863. Within two years the congregation grew to 600 members with a Sunday school of 350 children.

By 1965 the parish roll had decreased to 78 families and 92 individuals and the parish was in financial difficulty. Father Roland Palmer became priest in charge who before his retirement 2 years later revitalized the parish. By 1970 the parish was again self-sufficient.

In October 1975 a fire in the church caused extensive damage. The congregation worshipped in the parish hall, built in 1879, until they were able to return to the refurbished church in March 1976.

Rector since August 1991 has been Rev Canon Greg Smith who is Chair of the Huron Hunger Fund and was named to the Cathedral Chapter of Canons in 2007.

Ministry with children, with the economically disadvantaged, with persons affected by the prejudices and stigmas of society have resulted in ministries such as the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Homework Centre, a monthly Community Breakfast, participation in the Ecumenical Refugee Support Group, volunteering at Camp Wendake for people, families and caregivers affected by HIV/AIDS, and Viriditas: a Centre for Creative Spirituality.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Deacon Ordinations

Angela Brands, Andrea Brennan and Marita Williams were ordained to the transitional diaconate on November 29, 2007 in The Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, London, Ontario.

St. Peter's Anglican, Dorchester, OntarioRev. Angela Brands was appointed Deacon in Charge of Trinity, Bayfield and St. James, Middleton, effective December 1, 2007.

Rev. Andrea Brennan, previously lay pastor of St. Peter's, Dorchester (shown) was named Deacon in Charge as of November 29, 2007.

Rev. Marita Williams was appointed non stipendiary transitional Deacon to St. John the Evangelist, Kitchener, effective December 1, 2007.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


St John's Anglican, Sandwich, Ontario

St John's Anglican, Sandwich, OntarioThe first St John's church was built in 1807 and destroyed by the Kentucky Mounted Riflemen in the war of 1812. The church was rebuilt in 1818 and the current church built in 1872. St. John's, Sandwich, is the mother church of eight other parishes, including the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Detroit, Michigan. Seven of those eight parishes are still open and holding worship services on a regular basis.

In 1935, Sandwich was one of the four communities amalgamated to form the City of Windsor, Ontario.

Current projects of the parish include the food bank, the Mission to Seamen and the seniors' housing project. Rector is Rev Bill Bradley. Sunday services are 8:00am and 10:00am and there is a Wednesday service at 10:00am.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Holy Trinity Anglican, St George, Ontario

Holy Trinity Anglican, St George, OntarioSt George, Ontario is just north of Brantford. The Holy Trinity congregation was established in 1954. Services at first were held in a local school then the current church building was constructed with the first service held in June 1956.

Until 1967 Holy Trinity was in a 2-point with St. Mark's Anglican, Brantford. After a rectory was acquired Holy Trinity was made a single point charge. In 1983 it was tied to St. Luke's, Cambridge. In 1987 an arrangement was made with St. James, Paris where a curate would live in the rectory in St. George and Holy Trinity would share the cost of the curacy with St. James. Meditative Garden, St George, Ontario This arrangement lasted until 1991 when Holy Trinity became a single point charge again.

In 2004, Holy Trinity Anglican celebrated its 50th anniversary. As an anniversary project the church's volunteer gardeners created a Meditative Garden.

Rev. Margaret Shortell has been Priest in Charge since June 2004.