Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Life and Faith TV

Rev Keith NetheryLife & Faith appears on the A Channel TV stations in London, Windsor and Wingham every Sunday at 9:30am. The program is co-sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Huron, the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, the London conference of the United Church of Canada, and the Islamic community.

Rev. Keith Nethery, who acts as Media Relations Officer for the Diocese of Huron, hosts the Anglican segments. Rev. Nethery is Rector of St. Stephen’s Memorial Church, London and was formerly Rector of the Parish of the Thames (St. Luke’s, Crumlin Road; St. John’s Thamesford; Christ Church, Lakeside; St. George’s-on-the-Wye, Thorndale).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


St. Hilda-St. Luke's, Tyrconnell Swap Priests

On September 1, the Rev Patrick Byrne, currently Interim in the Parish of Tyrconnell, will become Incumbent of the Parish of St Hilda's-St Luke's, St. Thomas. The Rev Canon Brenda Clark, currently the rector of St. Hilda-St. Luke's, St. Thomas, will will provide part time Incumbency ministry to the Parish of Tyrconnell (St. Peter's Tyrconnell, Grace Church, West Lorne; Church of the Nativity, Dutton; St. Stephen's, Burwell Park).

Canon Clark was ordained in 1970 in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. In 1987 she came on the strength of the Diocese of Huron as rector of St. Stephen's Gorrie and Trinity, Fordwich. In 1989 she was appointed Regional Dean of Saugeen South and in 1990 Regional Dean of Saugeen North. Appointed rector of the parish of Christ Church, Meaford and St. James' Church, Fairmount in 1991 she held that appointment until 2001 when she was named to St Hilda's-St Luke's. In 1991 she was named to the Cathedral Chapter of Canons and in 1992 she was named Archdeacon of Saugeens. Upon moving to Delaware Deanery, she was twice appointed Regional Dean.

Rev Byrne is joining St Hilda's-St. Luke's as they celebrate their 50th and 90th Anniversaries. St Hilda's and St Luke's churches amalgamated in 1993 when the St. Luke's Church building was sold and parishioners joined with St Hilda's in its newly renovated church. A chapel was added to the building which includes the altar, some pews and many artifacts from St Luke's Church.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


St John's, Glencoe, Ontario

St John's, Glencoe, OntarioThe first Anglican services in Glencoe were conducted in 1846 by Rev John Gunne, travelling missionary based in Zone Mills (Florence) who ministered to people in adjacent Bothwell, Wardsville, Newbury, Glencoe and elsewhere. In 1861, services were moved from a private house to a new frame building which served as a school-house during the week and a church for protestant denominations on Sunday.

The first St John's Church was built in 1869. The current building was built on the same lot in 1893. Originally there was a bell tower over the main entrance but in the early 1950's the tower was condemned and had to be taken down.

The window shown is over the altar and was placed there in honour of Mrs W D Moss who had been the organist for many years and died in June 1915. The window depicts eleven Apostles gazing upwards at the Christ as He ascends into Heaven.

At various times through its history St John's has been aligned with other congregations and today is in a 3 point parish with Christ Church Newbury and St Jude's, Mt Brydges. Rector is Rev Christine Crawford.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Diocese of Brandon

Diocese of BrandonLast October a covenant agreement entitled "Companions on the Journey" was signed establishing a five year partnership between the Diocese of Brandon and the Deanery of Essex. The agreement will encourage exchanges, visits, prayer partners, parish partners and sharing of resources. There will be exchanges of young adults and youth for such purposes as leading vacation bible schools. It is hoped respective colleges, Canterbury College, University of Windsor and Henry Budd College, La Pas will form partnerships.

The Diocese of Brandon covers approximately 100,000 square miles from the far north to the far south in western Manitoba along the Saskatchewan border; has many isolated communities especially in the north where many of the congregations and clergy are aboriginal.

The Deanery of Essex has 28 churches in Windsor, Ontario (2006 pop. 323,342) and the surrounding area. Although the Diocese of Brandon has far more territory than the Deanery of Essex, Brandon and Essex have relatively the same number of parishes and clergy.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


St Thomas Anglican, Seaforth, Ontario

St Thomas Anglican, Seaforth, Ontario5 John Street, Seaforth, Ontario

St. Thomas Anglican Church was the first permanent place of worship built in Seaforth. The frame building was constructed in 1863 with the chancel added in 1872 and wings were added in 1878 to provide more seating. In 1885, the congregation purchased, and moved, the old Methodist Episcopal Church building for use as a parish hall.

St Thomas Church along with St Paul's, Clinton and Trinity Church, Mitchell form the Parish of the Holy Spirit.

Next Monday, August 6, St Thomas will be one of many buildings in Seaforth open to the public from 10am to 4pm as part of the Ontario Doors Open program.