Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Bishop Cronyn Memorial, London, Ontario

Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church, London, OntarioThis London, Ontario parish began in 1860 and in 1870 bought a church building naming it St George's. After the death of Benjamin Cronyn the first Bishop of Huron in 1871 the church was renamed after him in 1873.

Bishop Benjamin CronynBenjamin Cronyn had stopped in London in 1832 en route to Adelaide Township and was persuaded to stay in the emerging district capital. He quickly became rector of St Paul's and St John's (Arva) and chaplain to both the local British garrison and the district jail.

Cronyn founded 101 parishes during his episcopate. Strongly evangelical in his theology he came into conflict with the more tractiturn (restoring traditional Catholic practices) traditions of Trinity College in Toronto, and founded Huron College in 1863.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


St James Anglican, Ingersoll, Ontario

St James', Ingersoll, OntarioThe first services for St James' parish were held in 1834. At the time it was part of the Diocese of Quebec, in 1839 it became part of the Diocese of Toronto and in 1857 it became part of the new Diocese of Huron.

The present building was completed in 1869. The congregation now numbers 250 families and individuals.

Since 2001 the church has been the home of the Ingersoll Choral Society. Formed in 1990 by the organists of the Roman Catholic and Baptist Churches they are an ecumenical group with 50 members.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


St Matthew's, Florence, Ontario

St Matthew's, Florence, OntarioFlorence has a population of 200 and is located on the Sydenham River in Lambton County. St Matthew's is now the only church in the village and has a weekly attendance of about 30.

In 1994 a new parish hall was built and is open for the use of community groups and families. The church building itself was re-pointed and restored in 2000.

The collection of canned goods for the local foodbank takes place every Sunday and parishioner pocket change goes to Sleeping Children Around the World.

Since 2002 St Matthew's has been part of the 6-point Parish of the Transfiguration. Rector is Rev Stephen Demitroff and Associate is Rev Michelle Collins-Wongkee.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Christ Church, Colchester, Ontario

Christ Church, Colchester, OntarioChrist Church, Colchester was founded in June 1805 with the first service being held in a log cabin. Services were conducted by Rev. Richard Pollard, Chaplain at Fort Malden. Fort Malden located at Amherstburg on the Detroit River was headquarters for the Right Division of the British Army.

Uncertain border conditions, the War of 1812-14 and Rev Pollard's own imprisonment until 1815 prevented any permanent church building going up. The original stone church was opened in 1821 three years before Rev. Pollard's death. It was replaced in 1876 by the present wooden Church.

Christ Church, Colchester is now part of a three-point parish with St Albans, Malden and St Andrews, Harrow.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Grace Anglican Church, Brantford

Grace Anglican Chapel Window51 Albion Street, Brantford, Ontario

Grace Anglican Church is the oldest Christian congregation in Brantford, Ontario with the first building being erected in 1832. The present building was built in 1856 and a memorial tower added in 1917-18. Shown right is detail from the Chapel Window.

December 1, 2003 Grace Church merged with St. Stephen’s Church, Brantford. The St. Stephen’s church building was sold but its website is still online.

From Scarcity to Abundance by David PontingThe rector is David Ponting. Ordained in 1996, from 1999 to 2005 he was the Director of Stewardship and Financial Development for the Anglican Diocese of Niagara. Prior to entering the priesthood Rev. Ponting worked in the Marketing departments of consumer packaged goods such as Crayola Crayons and also spent four years with a large multi-national advertising agency. His book From Scarcity to Abundance: A Complete Guide to Parish Stewarship was published in September 2005.