Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Talbot Settlement Churches

Old St Thomas Church, St Thomas, Ontario
Thomas Talbot was born at Castle Malahide, Ireland in 1771, a member of the Anglo-Irish nobility.   He came to Canada on a military commission and explored what was then known as Upper Canada with John Graves Simcoe.   In 1803 Colonel Talbot was granted 5,000 acres along the north shore of Lake Erie.   He then set in motion an aggressive settlement plan, insisting that the people to whom he donated land clear the property and build dwellings.   They did not receive the final deed to the land until this was done.   In all, 27 settlements were established.

Land for churches was given directly by Talbot or by his associates.   The four surviving churches are similar in design, and are known as The Talbot Settlement Churches.

Shown is Old St Thomas Church, St Thomas that was constructed between 1822 and 1824.   The frame church was used continuously until 1877 when the congregation moved to Trinity Church.   In 1986, Old St Thomas was restored and is now available for rental.

St. Peter's Anglican Church, Tyrconnell was built in the autumn of 1827.   Land for Christ Church, Port Stanley, Ontario was donated in 1826 but the church itself was not built until 1844.   Trinity Church, Port Burwell, Ontario had its first service was conducted February 22, 1836.