Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Old St. Paul's, Woodstock, Ontario

Old St. Paul's Campus, Woodstock723 Dundas Street, Woodstock, Ontario

The church was completed in 1834 shorthly after the founding of Woodstock.   It was financed through the efforts of Admiral Henry Vansttart and constructed under the direction of of his agent, Captain Andrew Drew.   The Admiral also pledged maintenance of its first incumbent, the Rev. William Bettridge, who served the congregation 1834-79.   During the rebellion of 1837 the building became a temporary jail for prisoners captured by local militia.   St Paul's was consecrated in 1838 by Bishop George J. Mountain.   The chancel was added to the original structure in 1843 and the transepts in 1851.

The rector is the Rev'd Bruce Genge who is also the regional Dean of Oxford.