Tuesday, December 30, 2008


St James Anglican, St Marys, Ontario

St James Anglican, St Marys, Ontario65 Church Street South, St Marys, Ontario

St James Anglican Church in St Marys, Ontario was consecrated in 1859.   Twenty-seven years later in 1886 the small stone building had extensive renovations raising the roof and adding the square tower, the buttresses and the west entrance porch.   Three years later the rectory was built behind the church.   The parish hall just to the north of the church was built in 1907.   The smaller additions to the church of a sanctuary and a vestry were made in 1928 and 1965.

The parishes of St Paul's, Kirkton and St James merged in 1996.   Since May 2001 the rector has been the Reverend Dr.
Dalice Sim.