Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Christ Church, Meaford, Ontario

Chichester Cathedral window fragment, Meaford, Ontario34 Boucher Street East, Meaford, Ontario

The parish was established in 1856 and 5 years later built its first frame church.   The present stone building was completed in 1876.   In 1909, the bell tower, parish hall and connecting hallway were added.

The church has 4 stained glass windows that are made up of broken stained glass from churches bombed in World War 2.   They serve as a memorial for Canadian men and women who served overseas.   Shown is detail from a window made from the glass from Chichester Cathedral.

Christ Church is in a 2 point parish with St James, Fairmount, RR #4, Meaford.   Rector is the Rev. Gary Parker.