Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Memorial Church, Port Ryerse, Ontario

Memorial Church, Port Ryerse, OntarioPort Ryerse is on the north shore of Lake Erie on Young's Creek. Samuel Ryerse built the first mill about 1797 that was burned down by invading Americans during the War of 1812. The local shipping industry was the foundation for the village and prospered most during the mid-1800s, exporting lumber and grain.

Memorial Church, Port Ryerse is in the 4-point Long Point Bay Parish with St. John's Church, Port Rowan, St. John's Church, Woodhouse and the summer congregation of St. Andrew's-by-the-Lake, Turkey Point. The parish also included St. William Church, St. William's that closed and had its deconsecration service on January 28, 2007.

Rector is Rev. Tony Bouwmeester and Marianne Bouwmeester is the Parish Coordinator.