Tuesday, April 29, 2008


St Columba Anglican, Waterloo, Ontario

St Columba, Waterloo, OntarioSt Columba Anglican (right) is the only church in the Diocese of Huron named after the Irish/Scottish saint.

St Columba was born at Gartan in Donegal in 521 and was taught at the Clonard monastery and school. After he was priested, Columba founded several monasteries including one in Londonderry and another in Durrow, county Offaly. He left Ireland during a civil war with 12 companions and in 563 landed on the island of Iona, Scotland. St Aidan's, Elmira, Ontario There he built a monastery, of which Columba became the abbot. Although he visited Ireland again, his chief work was converting the people of Scotland to Christianity. He died in 597 and was buried on Iona, although his remains were later taken to Ireland.

Rector of St Columba Anglican is Rev Dana Rodgers. It was in a 2-point parish with St. Aidan's Church, Elmira (left) until it closed in 2007. A service of thanksgiving and the deconsecration of St. Aidan's, Elmira took place on September 12, 2007.