Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Holy Trinity Anglican, St George, Ontario

Holy Trinity Anglican, St George, OntarioSt George, Ontario is just north of Brantford. The Holy Trinity congregation was established in 1954. Services at first were held in a local school then the current church building was constructed with the first service held in June 1956.

Until 1967 Holy Trinity was in a 2-point with St. Mark's Anglican, Brantford. After a rectory was acquired Holy Trinity was made a single point charge. In 1983 it was tied to St. Luke's, Cambridge. In 1987 an arrangement was made with St. James, Paris where a curate would live in the rectory in St. George and Holy Trinity would share the cost of the curacy with St. James. Meditative Garden, St George, Ontario This arrangement lasted until 1991 when Holy Trinity became a single point charge again.

In 2004, Holy Trinity Anglican celebrated its 50th anniversary. As an anniversary project the church's volunteer gardeners created a Meditative Garden.

Rev. Margaret Shortell has been Priest in Charge since June 2004.