Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Christ Church, Huntingford, Ontario

Christ Church, Huntingford, OntarioThe Rev. Victor Krueger-Kischak will be inducted as rector of Christ Church, Huntingford (shown right) and Church of the Good Shepherd, Woodstock on Sunday February 3 at 4 pm at Church of the Good Shepherd. Canon Bob Schroeder will be the preacher with Archdeacon Jim Sutton inducting Victor on behalf of the bishop. All are welcome with a reception to follow.

Rev. Krueger-Kischak was appointed rector effective December 15, 2007. He was previously an Assistant Curate at East London Anglican Ministries.

The previous rector Rev. Eleanor Caruana left in June 2007 to assume the new position with the Diocese of Huron as Gift Planning, Stewardship and Synod Consultant.