Wednesday, August 15, 2007


St John's, Glencoe, Ontario

St John's, Glencoe, OntarioThe first Anglican services in Glencoe were conducted in 1846 by Rev John Gunne, travelling missionary based in Zone Mills (Florence) who ministered to people in adjacent Bothwell, Wardsville, Newbury, Glencoe and elsewhere. In 1861, services were moved from a private house to a new frame building which served as a school-house during the week and a church for protestant denominations on Sunday.

The first St John's Church was built in 1869. The current building was built on the same lot in 1893. Originally there was a bell tower over the main entrance but in the early 1950's the tower was condemned and had to be taken down.

The window shown is over the altar and was placed there in honour of Mrs W D Moss who had been the organist for many years and died in June 1915. The window depicts eleven Apostles gazing upwards at the Christ as He ascends into Heaven.

At various times through its history St John's has been aligned with other congregations and today is in a 3 point parish with Christ Church Newbury and St Jude's, Mt Brydges. Rector is Rev Christine Crawford.