Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Diocese of Brandon

Diocese of BrandonLast October a covenant agreement entitled "Companions on the Journey" was signed establishing a five year partnership between the Diocese of Brandon and the Deanery of Essex. The agreement will encourage exchanges, visits, prayer partners, parish partners and sharing of resources. There will be exchanges of young adults and youth for such purposes as leading vacation bible schools. It is hoped respective colleges, Canterbury College, University of Windsor and Henry Budd College, La Pas will form partnerships.

The Diocese of Brandon covers approximately 100,000 square miles from the far north to the far south in western Manitoba along the Saskatchewan border; has many isolated communities especially in the north where many of the congregations and clergy are aboriginal.

The Deanery of Essex has 28 churches in Windsor, Ontario (2006 pop. 323,342) and the surrounding area. Although the Diocese of Brandon has far more territory than the Deanery of Essex, Brandon and Essex have relatively the same number of parishes and clergy.