Tuesday, June 12, 2007


St Johns, Tillsonburg, Ontario

St Johns, Tillsonburg, OntarioThe first service was held in the present St. John the Evangelist building in September 1900. It is the third church building with, at other locations, the first building being built in 1868 and the second in 1872.

The church belfry had stood empty until 2002 when the bell that had belonged to Trinity Church, Norwich was installed.

Pictured is the window over the main altar, representing (l to r), alpha (God, the Beginning), dove (the Holy Spirit), bible (the Word of God), crown (the Glory of Christ the King), omega (God, the End).

Rev. Bill Ward appointed June 1st, rector of St. John's, Tillsonburg and St. Stephen‘s, Culloden with oversight for St. Charles Dereham Centre, will be inducted Sunday, June 24th at 3 pm by the Ven. Dr. Jim Sutton.