Tuesday, February 27, 2007


St Peter's-By-The-Lake, Sauble Beach

St Peter's-By-The-Lake, Sauble Beach, OntarioSt Peter's-by-the-Lake is one of 6 congregations that make up the Parish of Bruce Peninsula. The building became an Anglican church in 1950 when the spire was added, before that it had been a Presbyterian church. Originally built before 1913 it had at first been a barber shop, then a furniture store and then a shoe repair shop.

Since 1979, as part of their spiritual formation, students of theology in the Diocese of Huron have participated in the summer ministries at St. Peter's-By-the-Lake. Beyond the Sunday services students also provide pastoral care through home, nursing home and hospital visitation.

Rector of the parish is the Ven. Dr. Jawn Kolohon who is also Archdeacon of Saugeens.