Tuesday, December 11, 2007


St James' on-the-Hill, Brantford

St James' on-the-Hill, Brantford, OntarioThe ministry began in 1881 with cottage services and Sunday school conducted by the Archdeacon from Grace Church, Brantford. By 1881 the parish had its first priest and was aligned with Saint Paul's in Holmedale. In 1918, the parish became self-supporting and constructed the present building which was dedicated in March 1920. In the 1933 St James was once again aligned with St Paul's but has been self-supporting since the Second World War.

Originally in a rural area the church is now part of the city which has grown around it. The parish hall, with stage and kitchen facilities, is active with weekday social clubs and evening meetings of the scouting and guiding movements.

Rector is the Rev. Heather Robinson who is Regional Dean for Brant/Norfolk.