Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Lay Certificate in Theology

Huron University College, London, OntarioHuron University College offers non-university, short-term courses, for your own interest, or toward the Lay Certificate in Theology. Starting in March, Rev. Gordon Maitland, currently on leave from the Parish of Trinity Church, Lambeth and Christ Church, Glanworth, will be teaching 2 courses in church history.

The Changing Face of Anglican Worship will be on Saturdays, March 24 and 31, 10 am-3 pm.
The course is an overview of 450 years of Anglican worship. Although reference will be made to the various editions of the Book of Common Prayer, the course will look primarily at the changing externals of Anglican worship: architecture, music, decoration, and the location within the church building of altar, font, pulpit and pews.

The Candle of the Lord will be Tuesdays, April 17-May 22, 7-9 pm.
A group of 17th-century Cambridge scholars initiated what one writer has called, "The greatest corporate mystical reaction that England has ever known," attempting to unite a passionate devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ with an ancient mystical philosophical system and producing one of the most unique spiritualities in Anglicanism. We'll look at selections from the writings of this group (usually called the "Cambridge Platonists") and explore the Neoplatonism, Hermetic philosophy, and Jewish system of mysticism known as the Kabbala which informed and influenced their spirituality.

Both courses cost $125. The Lay Certificate requires 10 courses.