Thursday, November 30, 2006


Sesquicentennial Cross Pilgrimage

Sesquicentennial CrossOne of the events planned for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Diocese of Huron is the Pilgrimage of the Cross. December 3, the cross will leave from its current home at St. Paul’s Cathedral to begin a thirteen month pilgrimage around the Diocese.

The schedule is Wellington - December 2006; Perth - January 2007; Oxford - February; Brant/Norfolk - March; Waterloo - April; Saugeens - May; Huron - June; Lambton - July; Kent - August; Essex - September; Delaware - October; Medway - November and Brough - December.

Accompanying the cross will be a journal, where people may share their reflections, thoughts and prayers. It is hoped that pictures and video will be taken, and submitted for uploading to the Sesquicentennial website, so that people here and abroad might follow the cross’s progression.